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Kryolan's Theatrical Make-Up
Below is a list of all Kryolan stage makeup we stock. Please enter the Show-Biz Centre website for full details. You need to log in and can then search for the product number.

Arjan's Show-Biz Centre stocks all Aquacolor, Supracolor, the new high-definition foundation and Dermacolor make-up made by Kryolan's German factory. Products can be supplied in any colour. We supply end users, theatres, TV stations, face painters and many others around the globe.
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Arjan's Show-Biz Centre ships around the globe!

Stage, Professional and Special Effects Make-Up by Kryolan

More information & prices: Enter the Show-Biz Centre site and search for product number of the product that has your interest.

See this page for full details on how to apply the Dermacolor Camouflage Foundation.

We also sell pyrotechnical products like Flash Paper, Flash Cotton, Flash String and more. See the detail page.