Pro. Make-Up

An amazing range of professional make-up for theatre, film, television and special f/x. Mainly by Kryolan, but also some exciting products by smaller manufacturers.

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  • Eyes
    An amazing range of professional eye make-up by Kryolan.

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  • Aquacolor Wet Make-Up
    Kryolan's world-famous Aquacolor wet make-up. Available in hundreds of shades plus metallics and in Interferenz.
  • Lips
  • Face & Body
    Professional foundations and products for beauty make-up and bodypainting.

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  • Sets
    Complete kits with everything you need to create a Zombie or Sugar Skull. We also offer have an Aquacolor and a Supracolor kit which are excellent starter sets for theatres, schools and photographers.
  • Pencils
    Cosmetic pencils by Kryolan including their popular Kajal and Faceliner pencils.
  • Brushes
    A wide range of brushes for professionals.

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  • Accessories
    Sponges, tweezers, powder puffs, make-up charts, applicators, spatulas and other tools make-up artists need.
  • Make-Up Setting
    Sprays and powders to set the make-up. Including Kryolan's Fixing Spray and Translucent Powder.

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  • Make-Up Removal
    Excellent make-up removers and skin care products. Click to the subcategories shown below.
  • Special Effects
    Here you will find an amazing range of special make-up products for theatre, film and special effects. Includes UV-Dayglow effects, foam kits, blood, adhesives and bald caps.
  • Bags & Cases
    Professional make-up cases and bags for travelling make-up artists. View the products below.
  • Supracolor Greasepaint
  • Casualty Simulation
    In this category you will find a selection of products for casualty simulation. Please click to Special Effects and Prosthetics for a wider range.
  • Books & Magazines
    Excellent books for make-up artists.
  • Dermacolor Camouflage
    This cosmetic camouflage by Kryolan covers all, from skin anomalies to tattoos. Waterproof and recommended by dermatologists, it is the perfect formula for anyone who feels self-conscious about their skin.
  • Airbrushing
    A wide range of airbrushing products by Kryolan. Make-up based on water, alcohol and silicone. Including the special range for HD camera.
  • Make-Up Mirrors & Chairs