Face & Body
Professional foundations and products for beauty make-up and bodypainting.

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  • Concealer
    Kryolan offers amazing products to conceal those smaller and bigger imperfections of the skin.
  • Powder
  • Blusher
  • Highlighter
    Various highlighters by Kryolan. Including Satin Powder, Glamour Glow and Illusion which all complete a spectacular look.
  • Body
    Many products for exciting body make-up. Including Aquacolor Liquid, Softcream and Supracolor.
  • Under Base
    Various primes and under base products by Kryolan. Also includes Pro Shield and Marly Skin barrier foams.
  • Foundation
    A large range of foundations by Kryolan. Including their Ultra Foundation, Cake Make-Up, Supracolor and TV Paintstick.