A wide range of brushes for professionals.

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  • Kryolan Premium
    Kryolan Premium Brushes have elegant, ergonomically shaped metal handles and top-quality bristles.
  • Kryolan Professional
    Professional Make-up Brushes are manufactured by experienced craftsmen using natural Chinese sable to create these excellent make-up brushes.
  • Kryolan Excellence
    The Excellence line of make-up brushes features outstanding products handmade by master craftsmen. They have classical wooden handles, finished with brown enamel paint and made in Germany.
  • Kryolan Torey Faser
    Top-quality synthetic Japanese Fibres are used by carefully selected brushmakers to craft this professional make-up brush. The result is an outstanding make-up brush for many and various applications.
  • Kryolan Modern Art
    The entire range Modern Art brushes are made from technological innovative synthetic filament for precise, creative make-up designs.
  • Kryolan Training
    These Training Brushes are made from synthetic fiber and are perfect for all beginners.
  • Kryolan Brush Sets
    Complete sets with brushes.
  • Cleansers
    Brush cleaners and shampoos by Kryolan and London Brush Company.
  • Toolbelts
    Artist tool belts allow you easy stowage of brushes, sponges, powder puffs and all those other tools you would like to have in reach all of the time.