Special Effects
Here you will find an amazing range of special make-up products for theatre, film and special effects. Includes UV-Dayglow effects, foam kits, blood, adhesives and bald caps.

Special Effects  See the subcategories for the products.


  • Skin Effects
    A wide range of products to change the appearance of the skin. Includes Liquid Latex, Old Age Stipple, various waxes and much more.
  • UV & Visual Effects
    Tear producers, sweat & ice effects, UV-Dayglow, Tooth Enamel, alcohol palettes and so many other special products can be found here.
  • 3D Effects
    Cold and hot foam kits, alginate and more for 3D Effects.
  • Blood Effects
    Theatrical blood and blood pastes. Combine these products with the wounds you will find in our Prosthetics category.
  • Bald Caps & Latex
    A large selection of bald caps in vinyl (Glatzan), foam and latex. Plus products to make your own caps. Here you will also find Kryolan's Rubber Mask Grease, liquid latex and more. Also see our Prosthetics for much more!
  • Adhesives & Removers
    A wide range of spirit gums, removers, thinners and other adhesives.
  • Tools
    Spatulas and kits to shape waxes and clay. Handy tools for the special fx make-up artist.
  • Books