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Jynx Teeth – Regular Pink Gums



Apply over your own teeth, using nothing else but hot water. These teeth are created by hand from start to finish from the same materials dentists use to create dentures. This is a safe, durable product. We do not need a cast of your teeth to have these teeth fitted... You make the fit! Comes with an easy-to-follow manual and Fitting Beads to make your custom fit.

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The Fitting Beads are softened in water. After softening they can be modeled and attached to the back of the Pro FX Teeth. Now the Teeth can be placed inside your mouth to take an impression. By pushing the Pro FX Teeth against your own teeth you make an impression into the fitting beads that later can be used to 'snap on' the Pro FX Teeth. This makes the Pro FX Teeth completely custom to you!

Now your Set of Pro FX Teeth is customized you can put them in or take them out where and whenever you want. The ProFX Teeth are veneer styled teeth that only cover the front of your own teeth. This provides great comfort and makes it able to still speak or drink while wearing our ProFX Teeth.

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